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Here is our latest selection of things to do now, or to book ahead for the near future! This site enables bookings direct with tour operators right here - or contact us for enquiries...

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Here are some ways to get out and about right now, find experiences close to you. Feel free to contact us here for more ideas!

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Discover retreats in exotic destinations. Imagine yourself tripping off on an amazing G Adventures global tour. Then just sit back and let us make it all happen.
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Important Information!

G Adventures tours will not be operating during the crisis, so you may make bookings now for tours departing after July 31 2020. Easily secured with only an AU$250 deposit necessary to confirm any booking. Note that this is a flexible deposit, and within specific time frames may be re-used for a different trip than the one you have booked initially, if you feel like or need to change your mind. This is a lifetime deposit to use at any time. Please contact us at Twister Travel for all the details!

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Travel Ban to Travel Plan!

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Destination Spotlight

Allow Twister Travel to invoke dream seeds of somewhere new all the time! Then let us help you get there.

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Yoga and Surf Retreats

Go to our Retreats tour style section under Global Travel! Practical travel experiences beyond imagining... UPDATE April 2020! That may seem all is possible right now. Some retreats are displaying current availability, despite global pandemic lockdown. It is advised to book ahead as it is most likely impossible to enter these destinations. For those stranded or who know someone stranded in retreat locations, you could find some ideas for self-isolation in those places here....

Information is changing frequently in regards to which destinations and tours will be available on what exact dates. We are trying to keep the site as accurate as possible during this time. For any more specific information, please contact us. Remember a travel ban is in place to save lives. Don't forget to help by social distancing, self-isolating, and increased hygiene.

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