“You cannot walk straight when the road is bent”

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Alice Springs is one of those towns with a name heard more often than even some of Australia’s capital cities, but has a population of no more than 28,000 people. Situated at the centre of the country, the true heart of the land stands nearby. Uluru, a sacred cultural icon to the indigenous population, and equally so to the spiritual seeker or everyday tourist drawn into the magnetism of Ayers Rock.

The town of Alice Springs has attractions that surprise visitors, who often  mistakenly not allocate enough time there. Activities include browsing a number of unique museums during the day, and pulsing along night trails lit with a collection of cultural influences. Uluru, being such a unique and important land feature, has over time captured residents and wanderers who contribute to the offerings Alice has, appealing to any travelers in an array of dining and other entertainment options.

Local indigenous art by the Anangu peoples, is among some of the most strikingly dynamic to see in Australia, as if a great energy has flowed through artists in the vicinity of Uluru, who you may even get to see painting live there!

If you like nights warm enough for dipping in pools, or outdoor adventures, if hot days up to extreme mid 40’s are enjoyable for you then summer is a fine time to visit, with the promise of less crowds. Unlike  further North in the Territory, there is no real full-on wet season in Alice Springs. But the most popular touring time is the winter, when days are nice for trekking around, and nights range from crisp to freezing. Although, the swags out under the stars are warm! The most ideal climates are possibly in the shoulder seasons from April/ May then September/ October.

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