“You cannot walk straight when the road is bent”

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Indonesia has a long rich history of exploration, which continues today for the modern traveller. Whatever you seek, if it is relaxation, wellness and introspection, or action – it is likely you will find it!

Bali is an enchanted isle of mystical dreaming, a spiritual centre. If you wanted to combine a healthy retreat with cultural or holiday activities, Bali is a solid consideration with the abundance of retreats on offer like no other destination. Options covered, include combining yoga with surfing, fine dining, or a strict cleansing diet. Then take time out for shopping, or dwelling in nature. Try sailing, snorkelling or diving.

Whether you seek out wild night life thrills, or an inspired environment for chilling, Bali is a 24 hour pleasure or leisure zone. Further beyond, there are volcanoes, islands, temples and refreshing attitudes everywhere you go. Try sailing around islands of Bali and Lombok to take your next Indonesian trip to the next level…

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