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Woodford Folk Festival


The Australian heat tinged silly season is the time as expected, that erupts with partying and festivals which appeal to all kinds of tastes. One of the best New Years events in Australia which brings together all the tribes, fills all senses and has just about every entertainment style covered is the WOODFORD FOLK FESTIVAL, Queensland.

Woodford rolls around annually, accumulating a bigger crowd each time, with over 400 acts promised this year, peaking on the first day of the New Year with the fire event. A spectacular ritual that signifies purging the old year for a fresh new reset.

Overflowing creativity, theatrical flamboyance, earthereal decor and inclusive, encouraging vibes, are linked to the festival style. With colourful market alleys fringed by fairy lights, an eclectic array of stalls restaurants, bars and cafes are found along the way to satisfy and delight. Magical event spaces appear along the paths, pumping with lively shows from the edges of any musical and arts spectrum. Even puppets representing people in a large-scale ceremonial marriage performance, have gone down in history here.

, every entertainment style covered WOODFORD FOLK FESTIVAL, Australia

Entertainment ranges from street theatre, puppetry, circus, cabaret, comedy,burlesque, folklorical expressions, dance, and the many people you meet. There are opportunities for thought or participation in the form of environmental talks, debates, engrossing workshops.

Woodford Festival comes with a soundtrack to engage the ears, you could find yourself dancing with African or Japanese drummers, swinging to old-time blues n roots, soul and trad folk, contemporary pop rock grooves, world fusions, dub, reggae beats, absorbing gypsy flavours, meditating on political hiphop… among so many more musical surprises including Himalayan nomadic song.

Experiences to enrapture all ages can be found!
The land of Woodfordia, is a replanted terrain, where festival goers run wild for 6 days and nights. What was once just this barren and lifeless property, has now has been nurtured into a thriving subropical rainforest garden, designed to encourage butterflies and wildlife. Flourishing with festival life when the village platform is reborn each year, crafted from mainly from reclaimed building waste and up-cycled materials.

A welcoming atmosphere lures you in, to get loose and drift inutitively amidst the free-spirited air of this event in action, or you can even follow one of the innovative ways to be driven around it as suggested in a Woodford Festival app, as your festival journey.
The people of Woodford Folk Festival acknowledge the traditional custodians of the festival site, the Jinibara people.
Accommodation style is camping with either your own, or on-site tents. Other options include glamping and gypsy wagons.
Some attractions of this years event: Kate Miller-Heidke, a songstress who fuses her classical operatic training with modern musical forms to create her unique signature style; Archie Roach, talented, resilient singer storyteller and indigenous rights promoter; Amanda Palmer, lyrical legend of a circus of wandering dreams; Brian Von Herzen, expert marine permaculturist for the Climate Foundation.

And the addition of a purposely built, solar maintained organic freshwater lake, the largest natural conservation and recreational swimming spot hand-built in Australia. Bookings for swimming time during the festival are essential.

Just missed out for the beginning of 2020? Well a whole year sprawls out ahead to include planning for 20/21. Please re-visit for more Christmas, New Year, and Australian Summer festival ideas, with all travel and tour info included.

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