“You cannot walk straight when the road is bent”


Karnidale Festival Fields!

Summer Circus Festival in Karridale


Expect the unexpected at KARNIDALE, South Western Australia.

Surrendering your soul at the gate, a vibrant energy pulls you into the Lunar Circus playground, to be moonstruck for at least the duration of the event, sometimes with the sensation lingering after. Suspended in the same state of mayhem which pulls you around the circus fields, bouncing uncontrollably amongst the venues, just trying to take it all in over a whole weekend filled with more magical entertainment than you may possibly get to see in a year! While you drift along in a daze of amazement at colour, movement, spectacle. The imagination awakened, senses alive.

Delivering the delerium, are some of the worlds finest first class acts, in diverse circus fields, what you can expect: aerials, acrobatics, burlesque, drag, jugglers, illusions, magic, comedy, contortionists, fringe events, tricks galore and more – to turn you upside down and around!

(Some of the stars of Karnidale – the Western Australian Circus Festival past and present. Clockwise from top left : Bullzini Family, Ruby Rubberlegs and Dandyman, Anaelle, Witty Look, Karnidale performers.)

If you found yourself here, it looks like you may have sadly, just missed out on Karnidale 2020. That includes the action packed Australian Superstar Cabaret, as well as the International Spectacular, both which featured highly accomplished world class entertainers. Typically really being the standard for all the shows astonishing the crowds at this annual event. Here is just some of what went on, be inspired for a trip to next years event…

(Karnidale 2020: From left, then clockwise: Alex Mizzen, Fatso with Anaelle, Phat Cab Club. Photos thanks to @laurentrickettphoto )

You can even opt to join in on circus workshops which run for weeks in January up until the festival weekend. Or to volunteer behind the scenes, for a taste of real circus life. Camping on the festival grounds in the lead up to the main event or just for the festival weekend, is a part of the package. Fields which roll out under the moon and stars, with shady native trees, such as those the tiny town of the event, Karridale is named for, the Karri tree. Transforming to Karnidale with the annual surge of energy. Within a radius of around 30km you will find the popular Margaret River, the famous wineries, beaches reputed to be some of Australia’s best, waves, caves, cafes and galleries.

Music is always a big part of the weekend., a celebration of skills, movement, energy. A quality soundtrack is vital, from the house band with their carny sounds, to the guest artists. Expect to find a selection of popular bands and DJ’s entertaining in between the shows. Let loose or even get acrobatic on the floor, at the end of some long hard days as spectator!

Karnidale typically coincides with the Perth Fringe Festival kick off, with many of the Fringe acts appearing at the festival. Flaunting one ticket to see so many shows in a compact style over a few days is actually superb value. Then, if you’ll be in any of the summer Fringe Festival cities – Perth, Adelaide or Melbourne – can get to catch all your favourite acts again! Local fine wines and craft beers are part of the bar line-up, with an array of food truck choices easy to find when you feel like them. Of course kids are well catered for, it could undoubtedly be the best fun they have over the school holidays. But don’worry this event is not just for kids, in fact the late, late adults only cabaret is a display of possibly some of the raunchiest entertainment many people will ever see live!

(Festival food, Left, and Karnidale 2020 map).

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