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A Wonderground Festival Whirl of Australia

3 Festivals in May

These 3 eclectic selections of our festival series, all fall on the first weekend of May… All unique and underground but diverse in so many ways, there may be an event here for you! Depending on your interests, the locations and where you feel you belong…


The WOS team call you to the heartland for the WIDE OPEN SPACE FESTIVAL, in the Northern Territory.

All of the ingredients that make up the finest of music, arts and lifestyle festivals, can be found in an inspired oasis way out in the unique iconic Australian landscape, around an hour from Alice Springs.

Musical immersion, multi-dimensional performance spectacle make up some of the pulsing action at the heart of the country. Deep inside the desert, this festival promises to reflect the mysterious spiritual landscape. With themes outlined by the WOS crew as taking inspiration from desert culture ancient, and contemporary, celebrating creativity, connection and the land.

A combination of painted sunsets, sheltering native forest trees, McDonnell Ranges vistas at the edge of a gorge at the Ross River Resort set the scene for this eclectic event. The area is also a bird watching haven of at least 60 varieties of native birds. Alot of people dream to go a swagging in such a location, which is cool, but there are also the conveniences of cabins, hot showers, a licensed bar, and a dedicated play areas for kids.

While 3 main stages and numverous other performance spaces go off, there is also a pool party onsite to splash out in. You can expect to be entertained in an array of ways as vast as the views. Any tastes are likely to be catered for, along with diverse musical styles, there is a strong focus on performance including live circus, burlesque, projection art, installations, local desert dancers and bands, plus more, with hands-on workshops for the restless in attendance. Dominating dancers and dreamers across the multiple stages of the wide open space in past years, coming from the musical sphere, are artists such as Hiatus Kaiyote, Regurgitator, Combat Wombat, Monkey Marc, Mista Savona… with the upcoming 2020 lineup promising the same high standards.

Look out for roving fantasy creatures who may appear and try to lead you into wild adventures out here in the majestic McDonnell Ranges. An important rule stipulated by the WOS team, which is simply: “no wankers”. So if you were someone whose ever had that sort of reputation, probably don’t bother going. You can’t hide in the deserts glare.


“The Town is a place of like-minded folk, who have declared the real world a joke”

A mantra which summarises some of the important values of creative crew Culture Jam, who are behind the spawning of The THE TOWN in a dreamy remote valley with an alter ego of Licola, Victoria, once a year.

The Town Festival is an inventive concept involving taking dress-ups to a new level, with role playing in constructed settings which parody typical city or suburban life. With other values added -, most significantly that of sustainability – alternatives are suggested for exploration. The takeaway from an awesome party weekend, is reflecting on your experience of life in a fully sustainable town with people you actually like as neighbours, and how you can integrate this into your daily life.

Vegan stalls offering a nutritious selection of satisfying food also feature, adding a physical wellness aspect to the holistically healthy vision of The Town. BYO alcohol is allowed, in a limited amount. Musical fare on offer from the unique spaces is focussed on funky uplifting live bands, live electronica and dj’s covering unlimited styles and culutres.

You will find an emphasis on local artist support, with some non-stop dancing only natural. Be entertained by live comedy, circus, theatre, installations and art cars. Participate in workshops reflecting The Town’s outlook. It could be a place for anyone, but you should ask yourself before you get to the gate, will you fully immerse into this environment? Interact through role-play and activities if you feel it, that is encouraged.

The Town festival is best for young people and families, or those young at heart, with a particular inclination to experience alternative selves. Some may be wondering what if any of their old party clothes have ended up at the on-site ‘Doof Nana’s Op Shop’, to others it may all appear something new. For families, this is definitely somewhere for all the kids to safely play just as the adults are! Music lovers, creative participants, the eco-cool… People considering going into, or practising some acting… All these may feel a special affinity for this event. Explore more town facilities which include: The Power Station, for alternative energy; Veggie Gardens; Absurditory Science Labs; and The Dspensary, where you will find alternative remedies.

The Town is perhaps like some utopian flashback of a parallel world, mimicking the one we’re stuck in, with a quirky sense of humour. It is a party with entertainment sure, but it is also all about lifestyle. Escapism into what could be even more your true self? Why not try it and see!


All people in favour of de-criminalising spiritual and all medicinal uses of cannabis, are welcome to the picturesque village of Nimbin for Mardi Grass 2020! On the first weekend of May, protest and party with radical free thinkers. Since 1993 the peace pipe toting pioneers have led a flamboyant dancing street march. The purpose behind the party, is to celebrate cannabis culture being freed from the oppressive, outdated drug laws which prevail in most parts of Australia.

It is seen by the hippy visionaries and their next generations of followers, that the green herb is just that – a plant, not a drug. Certainly not a dangerous one at the very least, as it has been classified by Australian law. Just like environmental concerns which were in the past, associated with hippies – today changes are evolving from their viewpoints. This is evident now that more forward thinking ways are in place with most states of America following a trend of either legalising or decriminalising, including California, as well as Canada and some other countries.

The street parade, which is famously headlined by “ganga fairies” and features a giant joint, is followed by music in the cafes, and doofing. The weekend also features: a kombi konvoy, when 100 kombies roll from Byron Bay to Nimbin; bong throwing competitions; and festival camping, an opportunity to get communal, living the hippy dream; a well organised doof, where any other illegal substances will not be tolerated.

A weekend ticket can be obtained with camping included, and covers everything. With your camping kit you get hot showers and free firewood. BYO van or tent. For less cost, you can attend without camping. There are other accommodation options in the area, tipis can be rented. Revolution is in the air, and you can get high on the energy at the annual Mardi Grass event!

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