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Retreats & Workshops

Explore a range of ideas here, click through for bookings or to find even more amazing retreat style holidays on offer. Prices on this page are displayed in US dollars for any destination, unless specified otherwise

Culinary Retreats

There are so many reasons you will find a cooking retreat holiday satisfying, on all levels...

5 Days Vegetarian Cookery in the French Alps
From $1550
6 Day Vegan Cooking Holiday in Costa Rica
From $1100
8 Days Rustic Cooking Holiday Turkey
From $1150

Yoga Holidays

Yoga enhances your experience of complete relaxation and rejuvenation while on holiday, enabling deeper appreciation of your surroundings like these destinations... Some retreats have optional extras - diving, surfing, dreaming...

3 Days Yoga and Diving Weekend Bali
From $240
4 Days Spa and Yoga Retreat Bali
From $436
4 Days Cultural Yoga Retreat Lovina Bali
From $496

What Are You Waiting For?

Do something you've always wanted to... Find inner tranquility... Learn something new... Go it alone or take your best crew...

People who want to surf but haven't tried yet... 0
Statistics of people who run out of ideas on what to cook!... 0
Who travel solo sometimes... 0

Surfing with Yoga Retreats

Learn to surf in some dazzlingly beautiful locations

8 Days Yoga and Surfing Morocco
From $603
5 Days Surf and Yoga Holiday Costa Rica
From $391
8 Days Aerial Silk, Yoga, Surfing in Costa Rica
From $670

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