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18 to 30’s Backroads of Central America G Adventures 18 day Tour

18 to 30’s Backroads of Central America G Adventures 18 day Tour

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Discover the real Central America, hitting the backroads of Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. A trail of craters, community guesthouses, wildlife, beaches and more.

18 to 30-something tours are designed by G-Adventures to deliver exactly how you would like to experience as much of Central America as you can handle in 18 days!

  • Prices subject to availability and dates. There may be fluctuations at some times, including further discounts. Feel free to contact us here at Twister Travel for the best possible deals!
  • Duration: 18 days
  • Start/Finish City: San José Costa Rica to Antigua Guatemala
  • Service Level: Basic. Simple and clean hotels and hostels; affordable public and private transport; lots of optional activities.
  • Physical Grading: 3 – Average. Some tours may include light hiking, biking, rafting, or kayaking in addition to walking.
  • Travel Style: 18-to-Thirtysomethings. Fast, fresh, and fun adventures that never slow down, made for young, budget-minded travellers.
  • Trip Type: Small Group. Small group experience; Max 18, avg 14.


  • La Fortuna
  • Monteverde Cloud Forest
  • G Adventures-supported community guesthouse stay, Isla de Ometepe
  • Granada
  • Poneloya beachfront stay
  • Cerro Verde camping
  •  Volcanoes
  • Mayan ruins
  • Optional extra adventure activities, relaxation pursuits, party nights!

What’s Included

  • Arrival transfer
  • Sea Turtle Conservancy Experience, Tortuguero
  • Lecture from a researcher at the Monteverde Institute
  • Tortilla making and home cooked meal in La Fortuna
  • Monteverde Institute lecture & Reforestation Project
  • Mi Cafecito Coffee Cooperative Tour, Sarapiquí
  • Boat tour and wildlife viewing in Tortuguero National Park
  • Guided nature walk in the Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve
  • Guided excursion to Manuel Antonio National Park.
  • All transport between destinations and to/from included activities

Accommodation Supplied

Hotels (11 nts), rustic jungle lodge (2 nts)

Solo travellers: this tour is designed for shared accommodation, so a single supplement does not apply.

Couples: Please note that due to the variety of accommodation on this tour, couples may be split into separate rooms when we use multi-share hostels with same-sex dorms.. Pending availability, couples may be able to pay extra while on tour to have their own room in some destinations.

Please note: you will be travelling through countries where cold water showers are the accepted normality. To be fully authentic, most of the hotels will not have hot water showers.


2 breakfasts, 2 dinners
Allow US$445-580 for meals not included.

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Just ask us about booking extra tours and adventure add-on packs to secure your place in some of these experiences, before embarking on your tour!

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18 Days
18+ Age
  • Departure
    San Jose / Antigua

Tour Plan


Day 1 San José

Arrival at hotel to check in, then feel free to explore the city of San Jose with it's beautiful parks, museums, and lively central plaza. Be ready to connect with the group and your G-Adventures CEO (Chief Experience Officer) at 6pm, you will only need to see our hotel reception for time and place info. After the meeting there is an option to share a local meal and night out with the group, if you choose.
  • Accommodation: Selina Hostel San Jose (or similar)

Day 2 San José to La Fortuna

We travel together by local bus for a 3 to 5 hour journey to La Fortuna, the town that bows to Arenal Volcano. An adventurer's playground with a range of optional extra activities, day and night. Go for some hardcore action such as full day Class 3 and 4 white water rafting on the Balsa or Toro Rivers, mountain biking, or canyoning and caving, then immerse into the Baldi natural thermal baths after your efforts. Or take a mesmerising night hike around the base of the volcano, tuned into the sounds of monkeys, with the volcano eerily rumbling a deep bass.
Optional Extra Activity Examples:
  • La Fortuna Waterfall Swim - Access a waterfall close to La Fortuna via a jungle walk, a taxi or horse ride to the gates. There is a fee before reaching the falls 500 steps below. Immerse into cool waters and sounds of nature. Be sure to look out for the irridescent blue morpho butterflies here. (Approximately US$15).
  • Baldi Hot Springs Awaken your senses and let the naturally heated outdoor pools soak your muscles while, you kick back doing little but breathing the pure rainforest air. (Approximately US$64)
  • Accommodation - Selina Hostel La Fortuna (or similar)

Day 3 La Fortuna

Flexy free day with more exhilarating experiences to choose from, including outdoor pursuits which allow you to take in, wonder at and photograph the abundant flora and fauna in their natural settings.
Optional Extra Activities:
  • Venado Caves Exploration La Fortuna The Venado Caves are a natural exhibition of stalactites, stalagmites, underground rivers, and caverns. Inhabited by bats, frogs, and spiders. (Approximately US$78)
  • Whitewater Rafting Arenal In the hands of expert leaders, command the rushing rapids as they pull the raft in a wild ride through unbelievable scenery. Classified Level 2 - 4 rapids, make sure you are ready for this! (Approximately US$61-86)
  • Lost Canyon Adventures - canyoning tour of waterfalls, swimming, trekking through rivers, daring hanging bridges. See the environment from a viewpoint just as the local wildlife do! (Approximately US$90)
  • Mountain Biking Opt for an independent or guided cycling exploration. (Approximately US$79)
  • La Fortuna Waterfall Swim Access a waterfall close to La Fortuna via a jungle walk, a taxi or horse ride to the gates. There is a fee before reaching the falls 500 steps below. Immerse into cool waters and sounds of nature. Be sure to look out for the irridescent blue morpho butterflies here. (Approximately US$15 plus).
  • Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge Tour A trip north to a wildlife refuge which is close to the Nicaraguan border. This outing comes complete with a guided tour by covered boat through one of the world's most important wetlands, which hosts a vast diversity of plants, birds, reptiles, fish and mammals you will be in awe of. ( Approximately US$60 )
  • Birdwatching La Fortuna Design your own bird watching expedition, you can even take along a local expert. Depending on the season, explore around Arenal Volcano and Lake, visit El Silencio Nature Reserve, or Finca Luna Nueva. The area around Arenal is home to a vast array of bird species. This is your opportunity to view toucans, parrots, Montezuma Oropendolas, colourful tanagers, and parakeets in their habitats.
  • Accommodation at Selina Hostel La Fortuna (or similar)

Day 4 La Fortuna to Monteverde

Travel from La Fortuna to Monteverde by boat and van, treated to visual immersion in the stunning scenery along the way. Costa Rica is a popular destination because of it's abundance of natural beauty, and biodiversity. Floating into the cool cloud forest of Monteverde, allows you to absorb and appreciate the intricate ecosystems of this rainforest, as the fresh air awakens all your perceptions. Elevate with the birds you observe, or even fly like them as you zipline over the forest canopy. Alternatively take a mountain bike across the forest trails.
Transport takes the forms of a shared van from La Fortuna to Laguna de Arenal, jumping off to take a boat along the Laguna de Arenal. Then hop back into a shared van from the Laguna to Monteverde for around a 2 hour drive.
  • Accommodation Hotel El Sueño (or similar)

Day 5 Monteverde

Spend a whold day in this magnificent location, of the Monteverde cloud forest. Luxuriate in the mountain air, discover the secrets of the town and Forest Reserve. Take it all in at a relaxed speed, or choose from any of the multiple activities the area has to offer, for extra unique and exciting ways to explore. From uplifiting ziplining and hanging bridges tours, to grounded horseriding. Or just ask your G-Adventures Experience Officer about all the options available. Perhaps try one of these -
Optional Extra Activities:
  • Santa Elena Cloud Forest Visit Monteverde Take a trek with your head in the clouds, your feet skipping the trails. Be amazed by unique orchids and over-sized ferns. Around 12km of walking trails through the mystical forest to cover. You can look out for wildlife, as you hike to the top of the observation tower. Listen out for the call of the bellbird, maybe catch sight of the brilliant green and red resplendent quetzal. Know that while you enjoy the reserve, your park fees are helping it's preservation, as well as contributing to the quality of local schools. ( Approximately US$17 )
  • Ziplining Monteverde 3-4 hours Zip in amazement in a cloud forest wonderland of exotic birds and plantlife, high in the forest canopy. ( Approximately US$50 )
  • Monteverde Fair Trade Coffee Plantation Tour Get involved in picking and observe the processing of coffee beans from plant to cup at Cafe Monteverde. The Santa Elena coffee co-op prides itself on sustainable practises. They recycle processing water, use coffee pulp as fertilizer, send plant fibers and husks for paper-making. ( Approximately US$35 )
  • Accommodation: Hotel El Sueño (or similar)

Day 6 Monteverde to Isla de Ometepe

Live like the locals and make new friends, during a two-night community guesthouse experience on Ometepe Island. You will get to stay with a local family by a lake in the small rural village of La Paloma, near Moyogalpa, on the island. Your visit is supporting this community-owned and operated business, launched by the G-Adventures initiative, The Planterra Foundation. The tour group will be hosted amongst various different families.
Enjoy tasy home cooking, while you practise your Spanish with your new local friends, go exploring and check out the pre-Columbian petroglyphs. Beaches, a wild swimming hole, hiking Cocepcion Volcano, are some other features of this Nicaraguan island. There will be ample time to explore your surroundings here.
A breakdown of the journey, which is also part of the excitement: Chill in a private vehicle from Monteverde to Peñas Blancas 4-5 hours driving (190km). Border Crossing (Costa Rica / Nicaragua) Peñas Blancas Tick another country off your bucket list at the border! Local buses x2 from Penas Blancas to San Jorge, via Rivas. Followed by a ferry from San Jorge to Moyogalpa, around 1 hour.
  • Accommodation: Puesta del Sol Homestay (or similar)
  • Meals included: Home cooked breakfast and dinner.

Day 7 Isla de Ometepe

Stay on at your designated local family home by the lake, in the small rural village of La Paloma, near Moyogalpa, on Ometepe Island. Partake in a selection of activities, or go hiking, cycling, and swimming around the island.
Optional Extra Activities:
  • Swimming Isla de Ometepe Experience why Lake Nicaragua is known as Mar Dulce, or 'sweet sea'. More than 40 rivers find their way to this freshwater lake, the largest in Central America. Local swimming holes fed by networks of underground springs are also easy to find. Enriched with therapeutic minerals, float back and relax while also invigorating the senses. (Free!)
  • Hike Concepcíon Volcano Isla de Ometepe An extreme challenge that takes a dedication of 10-12 hours for the round trip. The steep terrain of this active volcano make Concepción the most difficult climb in all of Nicaragua. Be prepared for sweaty, muddy, humid and windy climbing. Equip yourself with adequate water and food. Be rewarded with the spectacular, breathtaking views only achievable from the summit of the volcano. Take in the isthmus of Ometepe, Maderas Volcano, Chontales, and reflect back across Costa Rica to the south. See vegetation unique to Concepcion on this climb. (Approximately US$45)
  • Ometepe Island Cultural and Pre-Columbian Petroglyphs Tour, Isla de Ometepe Discover Ometepe’s pre-Columbian petroglyphs (rock carvings) and stone statues. Find out about the history and significance of found artefacts such as pieces of ceramic urns and utensils, dating back to 1000 BC. Stopover at hot springs and the beach on this 3 - 4 hour tour. (Approximately US$40)
  • Accommodation Puesta del Sol Homestay (or similar)
  • Meals provided are home cooked breakfast and dinner.

Day 8 Isla de Ometepe to Granada

Granada's colourful buildings are an exquisite attraction of this Nicaraguan colonial city. In a cruisy orientation walk led by your Experience Expert, you will glimpse secrets, and find the ways around this city. Optional extra guided tours are available for more in-depth information. Natural beauty with volcanoes in the skyline frame the photogenic scene.
Be enchanted by the friendly locals you may meet, and as night descends enjoy taking the vibe up a level with your tour group comrades on a party mission. Decided entirely by you and your group - whether to follow the trail of nightspots, or perhaps simply gather around a bonfire on the beach. A celebration of your own creation!
The journey to Granada is an adventure in itself!
Taking a private vehicle from the Isla de Ometepe to Moyogalpa. From there an hour and a half ferry ride carries us from Moyogalpa to San Jorge. Local buses x2 will get you from San Jorge to Grenada. Sit back and enjoy the 2 plus hours ride!
  • Accommodation could be at Hostel Lemon Tree Granada (or similar).
  • Breakfast included.

Day 9 Granada

Take full advantage of a free day to explore Granada and it's surrounds. A major attraction, Lake Nicaragua, offers so many ways to explore. Choose a guided boat tour, or navigate from the edge of a kayak to see some of the 350 plus 'Isletas', or little islands occurring in this massive lake. Additionally, a vast park located on the shores of the lake close to the city, offers a chilled walk.
Optional Extra Activities:
  • Mombacho Volcano Trails - Hike Volcán Mombacho 4 1/2 to 5 hours A convenient truck will carry you from the base of Mombacho Volcano, to slowly make your way up the steep road. Hike the muddy paths at the top of this extinct volcano. At the windy summit, lay four dormant craters, all covered in dense cloud forest. If it's clear day, you may get a qlimpse of Granada, las Isletas, Laguna de Apoyo, and Lake Nicaragua below. ( Approximately US$35 per group )
  • Masaya Volcano Day Excursion Experience the energy and excitement of an active volcano! Walk through a surreal terrain of lava rocks and stunted shrubbery. At the visitor’s centre, learn about the history of Masaya and many other volcanoes of Nicaragua. A bonus stop at the Masaya Artesan Market filled with ceramics, woodcrafts, hammocks, and hand-crafted cigars will delight. Topped off by a view from the Laguna de Apoyo lookout, then ending this compact tour in San Juan de Oriente, a local pottery and ceramics workshop. ( US$35 per person)
  • Accommodation at Hostel Lemon Tree Granada (or similar)

Day 10 Granada to Poneloya

Continuing our tour with a ride in a private vehicle from Granada to Poneloya, approximately 4 hours. Arrive in the afternoon to just relax if you choose. Find your place on a remote northern beach on Nicaragua's Pacific coast. Surfing and swimming if you feel.
Sleep to the sound of the oceans night rhythms in a shared, mixed-gender beach lodge dorm situated right on the beach. Stay in and play if you like at the attached restaurant and bar, before drifting off in bliss. Besides just indulging in some sun-baking and swimming, here are some other possibilities. Optional Extra Activities:
  • Surfing Poneloya Rent a board if experienced, or go for a private lesson. Harness the waves and ride! (Around US$20)

Day 11 Poneloya

Spend your day enjoying the coast. Relax, worship the sun, jump into the enticing water for swimming and surfing. Practise some yoga on the beach, or take some reading. Alternatively head to the nearby city of Leon to explore.

Day 12 Poneloya to Cerro Verde

After a long day of travel, incorporating buses, boats, and private vehicles, arrive at El Salvador's Cerro Verde National Park. This is the location of the famous trio of volcanos - Cerro Verde, Izalco, and Santa Ana.
The journey begins stretch your legs with a walk to Rio Telica from our Poneloya hideout, for some 30 minutes or so of wake up exercise. Then prepare for boarding a boat for the remainder of the trip to Rio Telica. Strap in and kick back for the next 4 hours in a private vehicle from Rio Telica to Potosi. Here at the border crossing between Nicaragua and El Salvador, get stamped and continue onto La Union. Enjoy a 3 hour boat ride next, to La Union. Then some more movement as our private vehicle carries us from her to Cerro Verdo, checking out the wild scenery for this final leg of 4 hours.
  • Accommodation: Camping Cerro Verde campground (or similar)

Day 13 Cerro Verde

Spend a cruisy free day in Cerro Verde. Take a hike up to the edge of Santa Ana’s Volcano crater to be spoilt for even more spectacular views. Or go swimming in Lake Coatepeque. There are so many ways to check out this gorgeous green national parks, one of El Salvador's finest.
Optional Activities:
  • Santa Ana Volcano Hike Trek to the edge of Santa Ana’s Volcano crater. Reaching the peak, relax and absorb the unique views of a sulfur green lagoon inside the crater. Take in the surrounding Coatepeque Lake and the Pacific Ocean while indulging in a handy supplied lunch.
  • Accommodation: Camping Cerro Verde campground (or similar)

Day 14 Cerro Verde to Suchitoto

Further exploration of the Cerro Verde National Park, a guided tour is on offer for added green inspiration. The three volcanoes of Cerro Verde, Izalco, and Santa Ana represent mysteries and magic. Take the 'Una Ventana a la Naturaleza'(meaning A Window to Nature) walking path around Cerro Verde's crater.
Then we travel on to El Salvador's colonial town of Suchitoto. A relaxed journey around 2 1/2 hours in a private vehicle.
  • Accommodation: Posada Alta Vista Hotel (or similar)

Day 15 Suchitoto to Copán

Transiting diverse landscapes, we travel through 3 countries in one day en route to Copán. On board a private vehicle for around 6 hours or 215km.
Border Crossing (El Salvador - Guatemala) Anguiatú – Ermita Border Crossing (Guatemala-Honduras) El Florido Have your passport ready!
  • Accommodation: Hotel Brisas de Copan (or similar)

Day 16 Copán

Copan offers an array of choices of ways to experience. Visit Mayan ruins, or make friends with a horse to take on your exploration of the colonial highland town. Local hot springs offer relief and relaxation.
Optional Extra Activities:
  • Luna Jaguar Hot Springs Visit A scenic drive through the back roads of Copán Ruinas leads you to Luna Jaguar hot springs in the mystical jungle. (Approximately US$45)
  • Horseback Riding Copán Ride languidly through rural Honduras. Check out Copán Valley and river, looking out for exotic birds and wildlife. Head up into the hills to meet friendly local farmers. (Approximately US$25)
  • Copán Ruins Guided TourCopán 2-3 hours Ruins dating back over 1,000 years in history to discover, at the ancient Mayan site of Copán. Admire the artistry and scale of the temples, structures, statues and well-preserved hieroglyphic stairway and appreciate this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Be sure to visit the museum to see Mayan artifacts and a life-sized replica of the Rosalila Temple. (Approximately US$25)
Accommodation: Hotel Brisas de Copan (or similar)

Day 17 Copán to Antigua Guatemala

Settle in for a long 8 hours journey (or 200km) from Copan, to Angigua in Guatamala, arriving in the early evening. Time is allowed for an orientation walk with your G-Adventures Chief Experienc Officer, find what you need while enjoying the sites of the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage listed Spanish colonial architecure. Share a meal and perhaps night out with the group before saying goodbye in the morning. Or extend your stay at the accommodation if you like, just ask how before you travel, or when arriving here.
Transport is a private vehicle. Be prepared to cross the border of Honduras and Guatemala in El Florida.
  • Accommodation: Antigua Lemon Tree Hostel (or similar)

Day 18 Antigua Guatemala

Depart at any time. There is so much to see and do in this picturesque town, you may even decide to extend your trip and explore more of Guatemala!
How to Pack
It is recommended to use a medium sized  backpack for your convenience, as there are some short moments during this tour when you will be required to carry your own luggage. A daypack is also essential for carrying everyday items. Space is limited on transportation, so there is a limit of one main piece of luggage per person. You will be responsible for carrying your own luggage. Some suggested items to take include: Essential Items
  • Binoculars (optional)
  • Camera/ or phone with camera
  •  Cash, credit and debit cards
  •  Day pack
  •  First-aid supplies
  •  Torch
  •  Hoodie or sweater
  •  Footwear
  •  Hat
  •  Moneybelt
  • Outlet adapter
  •  Personal entertainment
  •  Reusable water bottle
  •  Small travel towel
  •  Sunglasses
  •  Toiletries (Preferably biodegradable)
  •  Watch or alarm clock
  •  Waterproof backpack cover
  • Windproof rain jacket
  •  Swimwear
  • Costa Rica Water Activities:
  •  Drybag (Will help keep cameras and essentials dry)
  •  Sport Sandals or Water Shoes (if you plan to do waterfall rappelling and/or rafting)
You need to keep hold of:
  • Flight info - Costa Rica will not permit entry into the country without proof of a departure ticket to next destination. If you are travelling through a few countries in Central America, you will need to show proof of your itinerary and a departure ticket from your last destination. Please print the itinerary and voucher and bring it with you.
  • Insurance details
  • Passport
  • Vaccination certificates
  • Visas - currently no visa is required for up to 90 days for all countries visited on this tour, if travelling from Australia, please check locally or just ask us if you are unsure for your country of origin.
Contact us at Twister Travel if any assistance is required with visa applications.
Local Culture
Central America is as friendly as it is scenic. Take normal precautions in cities, particularly when out at night.
For Your Health
  • Take along some Mosquito repellant for your own convenience - natural organic products may be better, and are available for purchase locally.
  • Any regular medications, asthma inhalers, vitamins.
  • Yellow Fever - It may be required to show a Yellow Fever certificate upon entering Costa Rica and Nicaragua if you have travelled to certain countries with Yellow Fever risk prior to arriving.
Check your personal vaccination requirements lists and dates which renewals may be needed!
  •  For in-depth health and safety data, (including up to date vaccinations info) please visit https://www.smartraveller.gov.au/destinations/americas/costa-ric                                                                                                                      Or your local equivalent.
Random Potential Hazards
Take normal precautions in cities when out at night, changing money, carrying your valuables around monkeys in some places, and any other imagined potential hazard. Be particularly aware of potential drink spikings. Stay with group members, avoiding isolated backstreets at night due to the incidence of express kidnappings. Listen to your G-Adventures guide's advice for drinking water.
Travel insurance is compulsory in order to participate in any G Adventures tour. Minimum coverage is US$200,000. Some tours may include activities where extra coverage is required. We can assist you in adding insurance or advising you on insurance group choices upon booking with Twister Travel.
Age Requirements
18 - 39 years only.  

Information is changing frequently in regards to which destinations and tours will be available on what exact dates. We are trying to keep the site as accurate as possible during this time. For any more specific information, please contact us. Remember a travel ban is in place to save lives. Don't forget to help by social distancing, self-isolating, and increased hygiene.

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