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Streets are unexpected adventures in cities and towns, movement through their winding ways will take you to encounters of people, of sights, of surprising art, as if it’s all jumping out of cake. Then sometimes we lick it up or choke on the icing, mostly just appreciating the beauty in it’s diversity of colour and expression.

It’s not unknown that some of the world’s best and most famous artists are all over the walls, in all sorts of places, and generally are free for to view. You can walk in the world streets to find intriguing new art anytime. The best things can be discovered randomly as a tourist, there are some things though you just have to know about from any source. So here is a Twister Travel mini street are trail!

Standout landmarks of significant beauty pinpointed here speak on a deeper level to the art observer, expressing issues and emotions, which are of urgent importance in modern times.

In history art has often expressed then solved controversy. Opened eyes to new ways. Started revolutions of awareness which significantly moved people forward sometimes even in the right direction.

Vhils Chiselling Realism

In this fine chiselled work by street artist Vhils, let’s also focus on the beauty…

Photo by NIcholas Chin, thanks to coconuts.co

A multi-story large mural in Medan, capital of North Sumatra province in Indonesia, depicts the face of an orangutan, complete with soulful reaching eyes.

Specifically a representation of the Tapanuli Orangutan, suffering as a species under significant threat with an estimated less than 800 of them living in the wild, in remaining pockets of Sumatran forest which haven’t yet been lost to the unsustainable and excessively destructive, cheap palm oil industry. To see real life orangutan survivors in the wild, there are eco-tours in this region.

Vhils lifelike large scale portraiture can be viewed across the globe, covering walls from Portugal and Europe, across to the US,  Vietnam, to Africa and many ports in between.

Swoon Inspired Temples of Tune

Swoon has also covered some distances to bring her unique delicately energised style to the streets, travelling through many parts of the earth and across it’s waters, even sometimes floating hand crafted art boats on them.

Her signature paper lacework storytelling often reflect the character of places and people she transits around and into., often a theme brought up in exhibitions as well as enlightened snapshots captured on walls.

With an optimistic, often whimsical approach to the everyday experience, when Swoon attacks scenes of tragedy and heavy issues, she knows how to lift the audience somehow. Swoon, who has been described as a humanitarian street artist, enables release through art. The feelings of a range of human experience are captured as reality for sure, from birth and awakening to inescapable doom, but her pieces are crafted to offer a level of hope.

Rounding up the moment, making it ornate, detailing facts and dreamings. And then, along with a team she’s connected with in New Orleans known as the New Orleans Airlift, physicalises the Music Box project concept, allowing sounds to be created from it all.

The project was to be built into a historical cottage which collapsed. The materials salvaged from the collapse were re-created into a village of tiny houses, which are also interactive musical instruments. An epic 3D street installation which encourages participation and is also the site of events.

Symbolically replacing loss with an invitation into a fantastical visionary experience, turning a situation around into opportunity.

The ultimate purpose of expression through the Music Box installation is to override the gloom cast on the city of New Orleans post hurricane Katrina disaster, and the associated accumulated social issues. Swoon describes the project as “musical architecture”, presenting an interactive monument which reflects the true heart of the city known even more as the origin of jazz over a century ago, still a magnet to a creativity which sparks inside the residents, and the tourists who can get down there.

Hospitality Banksy

Banksy attitude needs no introduction. Numerous maps to his works have been outlined online, with a focus frequently on Banksy in Bethlehem.. Art statements blasted on the wall of occupied Palestinian territory attract so many tourists, that Banksy has even financed an art hotel with wall views.The Walled Off Hotel.

The piece known as ‘Girl Frisking a Soldier’ is open to interpretation but the immediate impact would seem to be a reminder that the soldiers who guard the wall are the ones with the weapons and stance which represent aggressive , invasive behaviour. War and captivity in itself are the real threats to the people who otherwise would live an innocent, humble life.

There are no real boundaries at the wall cutting between these lands,, when feelings of fear and oppression with their subsequent reactions are shared by all, the weaponry of war has imprisoned them all equally.

It ihas been referred to in commentaries as representing simply role reversal, on a deeper level the roles are not so much reversed but generally the same as both characters in a moment, either way, are seen from the outside, as in from a westerners voyeuristic viewport as if the audience of a work of art outside of themselves – to be in gloomy routine that is contrastingly a constant potentially volatile existence. Something could happen, something extreme despite the boredom of fearful anticipation.

To find this Banksy artwork along the wall tourists must venture through a gift shop which has been built around it. This is a controversial move which some see as corrupt, that the shop owner charges to view the work, but at the same time it will be less exposed to damage, and also to misinterpretations. Local knowledge will point you the way.

On this same long wall of seperation you can stroll along to check out Banksy’s “Armoured Dove”, which expouses the courage of the armed peace dove who visibly carries the message that is targeted at over.

One of his most famous works ‘Flower Thrower’ also timelessly haunts the wall, and has been looked at by many to be the offered suggestion of hope in a climate of despair.

But if that’s all just a bit too hardcore as a destination, why not take safe cover in a ghetto luxe themed Vegas bar Greene St. Kitchen, which displays iconic Banksy among a playground of numerous other artists who claimed fame from the streets to beyond.

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