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Sunken Sculptures of Indonesia

Striking sculptures formed by collaborations between human hands and nature, are being spawned on ocean floors everywhere, as a creative solution to environmental issues. Around Bali and the Gilis there are already at least 7 underwater sculpture parks for swimmers to see, and marine life to be seen. Designer artificial reefs are a hit with snorkellers and divers for visual interest at the same time as being useful in encouraging the regeneration of corals, along with the ecosystem they attract.

Underwater sculpture gardens offer interest, even surprise to the underwater explorer. They have been used to make statements by artists, particularly of oceanic environmental issues. Additionally the placing of statues has benefited local communities involved in these projects.

A spiritual spell is sprinkled to the waters of Indonesia, where alot of the statues are Balinese-Hindu themed, religious idolatory is brought to life, and enabled to be absorbed in a world of eery silence, as a meditative state enhanced. Or as a focussed state of art observation, as the viewer may float in the experience.

Where to see the Underwater Sculpture Galleries

The Jemeluk Bay Underwater Gallery. In an area where coral reef which was once abundant before becoming seriously damaged. In Jemaluk Bay, a marine management strategy for coral gardening, and reef eco-system rehabilitation was born, with a vision for a series of sculpture being brought to life after being in the sea. Successfully growing, new statues are added continually to the collection.

Amazingly, there is something ultra alive about the human and creature figures, with the emerging new life forms taking them over… Like giving substance to stone.

Biorock Project at Pemuteran, Bali. Future reef growth is invested in through the setup of a biorock process, which is an activated acceleration of reef formation onto objects or sculptures. Steel is coated in a mineral web which has similarities to the structure of coral skeletons, spurred on by electrical current forces, usually solar powered. This surface coating draws coral larvae, the cycle of life begins again.

Suci Place gallery in the waters of Tulamben. Suci Place when translated in Indonesian means a Holy Place, representing the theme that runs through the statue garden planted by Matahari Tulamben Resort. Situated in the waters accessible by the resort and local dive centre’s, visitors will get to take in a spiritual swirl amidst monuments from Hindu and Buddhist mythical storytelling. Delicate marine lifeforms have already been attracted to the garden since it was initially designed in 2012.

Simarlarly Ceningan Buddha Point at Ceningan Island, also Badung Underwater Cultural Park in Nusa Dua, have displays of religious depictions to explore, as you swim amongst the living beauty presenting itself naturally in these aquatic gardens.

At Gili Trawangan, the ocean was gifted a sunken motorcycle as an intended magnet to creatures of the blue, courtesy of Deus Ex Machina. Well known around Bali already and taking it their name that level further. calling the piece which is already beginning to flourish as an artificial reef – Bio Rock n Roll.

In the same vicinity, Gili Meno is the place to go if you’d like to see one of the legendary Jason deCaires Taylor’s underwater artworks. Nest, sponsored by BASK resort. Nest is circle of people hugged by each other and by fish swishing by, appears open to interpretation but has been described as a depiction of the cycles of life or it’s essence of nesting, and defined by the artist themselves as a bridge between human and marine worlds. He is the sculptor and photographer who created the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park in the Carribean Sea, the world’s first ever, and a succession of outstanding sunken art treasures to dive for, including whole museums in at least 8 locations so far! Some of our next destinations?


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