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Why Go on Tours?

Our Top 10 Reasons to Jump Onboard

# 1 The In-Crowd

Insider knowledge and meaningful local interactions. Following someone whose been all around the hood, allows you to slip through the crowds, deep into the zones set aside for preferred travellers. When your with them, that means you! Group gurus who facilitate tours, have usually built steady travel business relationships over many years, stacking up a long list of friends globally.

#2 Easy

On top of this advantage of cruising with a guide, a driver or a skipper from one hotspot to the next, participating in a group tour saves you alot of planning. That means excess time back to you, from taking your time packing, to relaxing and immersing in the journey, without worrying about any minor organising details

#3 Nothing to Lose

If you are booked to go on a tour rather than travelling solo, itineraries will be changed in every facet for you in the case of an emergency. When you painstakingly research and book every detail for an upcoming journey yourself, how much would you need to go back to cancel or amend in response to changing circumstances? Would you even get all your deposits/ payments back? You may hope to receive funds parted with immediately, particularly when you are thinking of making your own trip adjustments, and re-booking. But you may not, sometimes not even at all. Ok, it’s easy to understand that research is fun. You can still do that part anyway!

#4 Road Test

Why not take to the road, and test run a new relationship! Waiting forever to run away with someone of special interest to you may inevitably take the excitement out of it. But you also don’t want to end up somewhere strange with the wrong person. Unwarily captured by a wolf. Someone who could turn out to be perverted, at worst, a rapist or killer. Or your future stalker. Even if they were someone you just don’t really get along with after all… On a group tour you get to decide when to be together and alone – but not isolated with just one other person.

#5 Extra Value

Add value. Reducing costs by sharing the resources that support adventures, with a group. This has always been a key reason for travellers to band together.

#6 Quicker Ticks

Fitting all your travel plans into compact schedules. Time allocated to experiencing as much of the world in our lifetime is generally precious. Tick bucket list items with greater speed, flow in an unstoppable dream through destinations. Partaking in curated, stimulating group tours, adds true value to travel in so many ways.

#7 Bliss in Ignorance

You can avoid the creeps! Everyone hates seeing natural beauty and unique cultures tainted by the ugly sides of tourism. From carelessly strewn trash and other abuses of nature, to cultural disrespect and sex-tourism, which are unfortunately present in many popular exotic destinations.. You can avoid walking down the wrong street! Good tour companies put effort into giving back to the local communities and their environments, often in innovative, interesting ways. Twister Travels only promotes such tour and adventure companies. Many which are well-respected award winners.

#8 Dodge n Burn it Up

Alot more out there is better to avoid, and can be. Such as the less likable element of the people everywhere,. Prevent being scammed or robbed,. It is in no way prejudiced to state this, these are things that could all happen to anyone at home also. Except they don’t, – only because that’s when you know everyone, and know your way around. You can also avoid getting too lost, stepping into the wrong territory, or dancing on landmines

#9 Meeting People

Make lifetime friends! Experiencing mystery, beauty, amazement at the world with others binds in unique forms of friendships. Seeing and doing some things you’ll never forget, means the people with you will also star in these memories forever.

#10 Inclusion

Because tours are for everyone! No-one gets left out… Sure, some tours are packaged for specific groups – but don’t worry, any type of group imaginable is covered. Just ask us at Twister Travel, if you’re ever stuck for ideas.

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Tour with G Adventures to Kilimanjaro, Jordan…or just about anywhere!
Participate in a painting session with Maruku Arts
See Uluru with a group of friends, let Outback Tours care of it all

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