“You cannot walk straight when the road is bent”

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Travel Ban to Travel Plan!…

How to get more out of your next Adventure

So you feel grounded. Inability to fulfill travel goals right now may seem frustrating. But although the chaotic rhythms of the planet may have slowed, the flow of nature still breathes all around us. Take this time to tune in, then clearly use this time to plan for maximising your future travels. Here are a few tips from Twister Travel.

Try a balanced hibernation fitness routine. Include yoga, meditation, pilates or weights. Dance around your space freestyle, to make up for losing clubbing time. Realise if you think you might look silly dancing alone at home, how even crazier you appear losing yourself in a crowd – or not! If you are allowed to go for walks, run or cycle, make the best of that, knowing how lucky you are to get to enjoy even these most simple everyday pleasures. Of course if you have a non-shared pool, or somewhere isolated to surf, kayak or stand up paddle, make full use of this time to enjoy your current surroundings.

Build your body with nutritional intake to the next level. Really study it. Stock yourself with a lasting supply of greater energy. Mix up your routine with an occasional treat, something you never usually have time for. For some, that is even making your own smoothie at home. Order a delivery of fresh goods, and spin.
It’s your time…

Why not go through your things, and make potential packing layouts for various types of trips. Be artistic and take photos. Then examine what is missing. From there you can take your time looking for the best value, most eco-friendly and ethical version online. Have your shopping done early, and always be prepared, for anything.

Look at your usual toiletries, for home and travel, and decide if they need an overhaul. Do you have what you need, in travel sizes, or some re-fillable travel containers? What about toothpaste cases, toiletry bags, nail clippers. And so on. Are all your personal items cruelty free? Read up on the vast information available, and plan to try many cruelty free boutique products.

A travel hiatus does not mean your mind must stop exploring. Learning the basics of languages, enhances the meaning of your social interactions while travelling. If you now have the opportunity to learn, you can use it. Try playing language lessons while you cook new exotic dishes.

Explore a range of new music. Having an extensive sound library is vital in some of those moments, of delay, as a sleep aid. Just to enjoy the motion of landscapes passing on journeys. Even as a distraction when unpredicted circumstances create an inescapable period of hunger. It may not be something you plan for, but when a pandemic causes all meals on a flight to be cancelled, or landing unprepared late at night, or with a sickness that won’t allow you to eat, distraction can be a cure. A chill-out mix that rests your body perhaps even to the point of sleep at such a time can make the dramatic difference, even turn it around.

Pick up the instrument you left behind at some time, learn it in-depth and with feeling – while you imagine gypsy jams by campfires in dream locations. Remember how playing music with people is an ultimate meaningful way to connect, to build lasting memories on your next adventures.

What other skills could you take on the road? Could you even take longer holidays, and work while away? Use this time to think creatively, expanding on your future possibilities.

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