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List of Explosive Experiences

There are many more than these potentially volatile volcanoes on Earth, but these stand out for being some of the most interesting attractions worth exploring for any level adventurer..

Tungurahua Volcano, Baños, Ecuador

Thanks to Ecuador Volcanoes

Known as the ‘black giant’, which towers over the village of Baños, famous for hot springs fed by the volcano. The giant beauty’s true name, gifted in the local dialect of Quichua as Tungurahua which translates into ‘throat of fire’. Visiting this town is the perfect double deal – bask in the hot baths, while taking in the glorious volcano views, day or night.

Now is the time to visit Tungurahua. as volcanologists monitoring changes in it’s structure via satellite imaging, have released a call that a devastating collapse could be imminent. It is predicted that instability of it’s structure could cause the black giant to cave in on itself. Such a collapse could also be catastrophic, as a side wall giving in could create an avalanche effect, threatening the village of Baños at the base and the lives of it’s residents. The constant satellite surveillance should mean that evacuation if necessary will be implemented. So don’t let this stop you from going to witness this live active natural phenomena – but act fast!

Mount Yasur, Tanna Island, Vanuatu

Is an accessible active volcano. You can get to the rim after a short easy walk, and see a spectacular show of sparking and spitting of lava bombs, particularly at night. Easy to get to down a dusty path, you can jump on tours from any of the quaint beachfront bungalow resorts of Tanna Island. Tours can be chosen for day, twilight or evening times thanks to the prolific pyrotechnics. Mount Yasur volcano erupts many times an hour. Rated for the spectacle, and the element of exileration as ;you could find yourself running back down the slopes, imagining dodging lava bombs because of the sound it makes. Early explorers named Mount Yasur the ”lighthouse of the Pacific”. According to legend, the islands surrounding the lit up volcano brought them closer to explore Tanna and surrounding islands.

A smoky cauldron in the caldera – drone views of Mount Yasur.

Electric Blue Volcano, Java, Indonesia

Kawah Ijen by day

Kawah Ijen sits amongst the Ijen volcano complex, a cluster of composite volcanoes in Java. Composite is another word for stratovolcanoes, when they tower upwards, with steepening slopes built up of layers, like most volcanoes on this list. At the summit lays at least one crater, or caldera. Because of the amount of sulphuric acid in the layers built up to form Kawah Ijen, a magnificient blue fire is emitted at night. By day, the scene is filled with a serene pretty turquoise blue lake. See the tour list below for G Adventures to this location. You can be led on a trek through the surreal atmosphere of the volcanic landscape at night to observe these mindblowing natural special effects taking place! Expect to be fitted with a breathing apparatus for this event.

Volcan Villarica, Pucon, Chile

With it’s snow capped peak, this volcano may seem to sit serenely , framed by a landscape that makes it look even more beautiful. But Villarica is also still full of life! Eruptions are unpredictable, Random incandescent lava fountaining and billowing smoking may be seen when in the area. The latest significant eruption was in 2015, and in the last century around 100 people are presumed to have died from mudslides, occurring when the hot magma rises up to the icy cap, flowing down in a mix of these elements. A number of people have also died in their attempts at the challenging hike to the Villarica summit, yet around 15,000 people a year reach the summit successfully.

Thanks to visitchile.com

Varying levels of difficulty when approaching Volcan Villarica means the adventure is all your own choice. Taking a chairlift partially up the slopes is one option, then it is up to you how far to trek, whether you grab an ice pick and start smashing all the way to the top. For many, just pausing in wonder at the beauty of a potentially volatile volcano in an edgy silence, is enough of an experience of this popular Chilean volcano.

Arenal Volcano, La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Arenal’s abundance of natural assets make it a drawcard for tourism in Costa Rica yet this is still an area of unspoilt beauty. The steep sloping stratovolcano is furnished with lush vegetation, and accompanied by a vast lake with teeming life, full of excitement and activity also.

Waterfalls in the lush rainforests, natural hot springs, adventure activities like ziplining through the forest canopy. Looking out for wildlife and an array of beautiful exotic birds. Hiking the grand Arenal Volcano which is currently in a resting phase but still considered an active volcano. All these activities are possible through tours located within the Twister Travel pages, see the links below for more!

For the Extremists

Ultimate Volcano Expeditions have been running extreme volcano action tours around the globe from Africa, to Vanuatu, anywhere the fiery forces of nature are flourishing, for many years. Abseiling into lving lava pits, is expedition leader Geoff Mackley’s addiction. To the point of hitting a record proximity of Marum lava lake on Ambryn Island, Vanuatu – of 30 metres!

You have to wonder in amazement, does this closeness bring someone into a connection with the centre of the earth, similar to the way space travellers feel the presence of aliens in Sci/Fi movies?

As unpredictable as ever that nature is, this opportunity has vanished into a pile of rubble as the Ambryn crater caved in. Since a mass eruption/ earthquake event, the lava lake for now completely covered.

To experience something this epic with Ultimate Volcano Expeditions, there are journeys planned for March 15 and November 1 2020, then March 1 2021, for Masaya Volcano, in Nicaragua. This tour promises a 240 metre zipline descent to crater floor, then a short walk across to a second zipline across, and 150 metres above Masaya’s lava lake, as pictured below…

Anyone daring enough is invited to join the expeditions, going to whatever level you can handle, as hot as you want. All equipment is guaranteed 100% safe, from rigs to breathing apparatus, the partners used for transport and putting it all together are the best you can get. All this adds to the price of a tour, which is from US$4900. Contact us if you would like to get hooked up!

Photos thanks to Geoff Mackley, expedition leader.

The Infamous ‘Boiling Bungee’

Not extreme enough yet?! Well, there is something. It’s sure not for everyone. For just under US$16,000, you can bungee jump from a helicopter into a live active volcano, with the Bungee Masters. Dangling by a thread within 700 to 900 feet (around 250 metres) of a bubbling pool of molten lava!

This tour takes place in Chile, with extras including a waterfall helicopter bungee jump – a jump into a lava tube, down the face of a 100 metre waterfall. You also then get to recover from the adrenalin in a hot springs visit. These organised adventures are rare, the next is coming up in March, so contact us at Twister Travel if you would like to know more!

Quoted from their brochure FAQs:

Q: Could I die?

A: Yes. You could. You’ll be signing a waiver, so we’re cool.

Adding to the appeal for those who find too much adrenaline, is never enough.

*Specific volcano – unknown. as yet.

Extinct Fire in Iceland

Just to calm down now, we are going to bring up one last volcano adventure! In Iceland – Þríhnúkagígur (Thrihnukagigur) has not erupted in the last 4000 years, so it is deemed safe to swing down it’s solidified magma chamber.

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